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Inbound call queue performance

Yesterday, we helped 1,994 customers through our inbound call queues. On average, customers waited 39 seconds to speak to us.
4% of callers ended the call before it was answered. In May, 81% of customers told us we fixed their issue on the call.

Updated for Saturday, 15 June 2024

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Live Chat ›

You can chat with us 24/7 with questions about your mobile, broadband or home phone.

You can call us on one of the following 0800 numbers or check our network status page for updates.

Broadband: 0800 438 448
Moving home

From overseas

Personal: +64 9 355 2007
Business: +64 9 962 9888
Business Help

Business Sales

0800 327 674 (wireless internet)
Get help quickly

Are you a vulnerable customer with a landline connection? Find out how to contact us.

Are you a person who is deaf or has hearing loss? Find out how to contact us.

Did you get a call from one of our numbers? 0800 800 021 or 0800 033 018. A call from this number is one of our friendly outbound sales and service representatives. If you have missed a call from these numbers, you will be able to return the call, and one of our team will be happy to help.

You may also receive a call from Unity4, a trusted partner of One NZ. One of their friendly outbound sales representatives might reach out to you on 09 967 8763 or 09 967 8764.

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